Will 10 Lb Dumbbells Do Anything?

Can you build muscle with 10 lb dumbbells?

10 pound weights are too heavy for some exercises, and even more if you do them very slowly.

Try holding one straight out with your arm for 20 seconds, in front or to your side.

They will give you a great workout, and build muscle mass, in a safe and healthy manner.

Get going, and no excuses..

How many pound dumbbells should I use?

Women lifting to increase muscle mass can use free weights between 5 and 8 pounds, while men can use 8- to 10-pound dumbbells to start.

Is lifting 10 pound weights good?

Exercising with dumbbells can amp up your strength once you’ve mastered the basics of body-weight exercises. Depending on your fitness level and goals, adding 10-pound weights can make your at-home workouts more efficient and effective (though your ideal dumbbell weight may differ).

What can I use for 10 pound weights?

Common Household Items You Can Use for Workout WeightsGallon of water or milk. Water and milk jugs are great because they have handles — making them easy to grip, curl and swing. … Large bottle of laundry detergent. … Backpack filled with books or cans. … Bag of pet food. … Standard bag of potatoes. … Case of La Croix. … Heavy Book. … Towel.More items…•