Which Freedom Fighters Birthday Is Today?

What famous people were born today?

Famous People Born Today1 Annie Murphy.

Listed In: Film & Theater Personalities.

2 Jake Gyllenhaal.

Listed In: Film & Theater Personalities.

3 Alyssa Milano.

Listed In: Film & Theater Personalities.

4 Karim Benzema.

Listed In: Sportspersons.

5 Ronan Farrow.

Listed In: Lawyers & Judges.

6 Leonid Brezhnev.

7 Richard Hammond.

8 Jennifer Beals.More items….

What’s the rarest birthday?

A new chart posted to Reddit reveals the most and least common birthdays in the U.S. It’s based on Social Security data on birthdays from 2000 to 2014. According to the chart, Christmas Day is the least common birthday, followed by New Years Day, and Christmas Eve and the 4th of July.

How is birthday today?

1 Pratibha Patil. Dec 19, 1934. Nadgaon. … 2 Ankita Lokhande. Dec 19, 1983. Indore. … 3 Mahie Gill. Dec 19, 1975. Chandigarh. … 4 Om Prakash. Dec 19, 1919. Jammu Division. … 5 Manav Kaul. Dec 19, 1976. Baramulla. … 6 Bala (actor) Dec 19, 1982. Chennai. … 7 Nagendra Prasad. Dec 19, 1975. Indian choreographer, actor.8 Saswata Chatterjee. Dec 19, 1970.More items…

What celebrity birthday is August 15?

15. Here are some of the notable people celebrating birthdays today, including Anthony Anderson, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lawrence, Joe Jonas, Melinda Gates, Vernon Jordan and more.

Which freedom fighter is born on August 15?

August 15, 1947, holds a significant place in the history of freedom struggle, when India was born as an independent nation. But many of us may not be aware that it was also the day when India lost Sardar Ajit Singh, who lived in exile for 38 long years fighting for India’s freedom.

Who was the first woman freedom fighter?

Sucheta KriplaniSucheta KripalaniSucheta KriplaniIn office 9 December 1946 – 24 January 1950Personal detailsBorn25 June 1904 Ambala, Punjab, British IndiaDied1 December 1974 (aged 70) New Delhi, India26 more rows

Is there a day where nobody was born?

December 6th is a special day at Who2: it’s the only day of the year on which nobody in our database was born. That’s 2843 famous people (and counting) and none of them born on December 6th. The 6th has been the lone holdout for a couple of years now.

What is the best birthday?

June 15thAccording to a survey posted on SWNS Digital, June 15th is the best day to have a birthday. Honestly, there’s no scientific reason why June 15th is such an excellent day to be born, it’s just the most popular response when 2,000 people were polled about the day they would most like to be born.

Who is born on 15 August?

1 Arjun Sarja. Aug 15, 1962. Madhugiri. … 2 Sri Aurobindo. Aug 15, 1872. Sri Aurobindo Bhawan. … 3 Adnan Sami. Aug 15, 1971. London. … 4 Suhasini Maniratnam. Aug 15, 1961. Chennai. … 5 Simple Kapadia. Aug 15, 1958. Edinburgh. … 6 Rakhee Gulzar. Aug 15, 1947. Ranaghat. … 7 Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. Aug 15, 1967. … 8 Ayan Mukerji. Aug 15, 1983.More items…•

What musicians have a birthday today?

1 Criss Angel. Dec 19, 1967. East Meadow. … 2 Marla Sokoloff. Dec 19, 1980. San Francisco. … 3 Little Jimmy Dickens. Dec 19, 1920. Raleigh County. … 4 Zal Yanovsky. Dec 19, 1944. Toronto. … 5 Professor Longhair. Dec 19, 1918. Bogalusa. … 6 Janie Fricke. Dec 19, 1947. South Whitley. … 7 Walter Murphy. Dec 19, 1952. … 8 Kevin Devine. Dec 19, 1979.More items…

What musicians died on this day?

Today’s Deaths in Music1800 Georg Peter Weimar, composer, dies at 66.1810 Johann Heinrich Egli, composer, dies at 68.1815 Michel Woldemar, French violinist and composer, dies at 65.1815 Robert Hudson, composer, dies at 83.1823 Nicolas-Joseph Hüllmandel, Alsatian composer, dies at 67.1867 Jean-Georges Kastner, French composer, dies at 57.More items…•

Who are all born today?

Famous People Born Today#1 Philip V of Spain. Sunday, December 19, 1683. Fame Meter (45/100)#2 Leonid Brezhnev. Wednesday, December 19, 1906. Fame Meter (45/100)#3 Édith Piaf. Sunday, December 19, 1915. Fame Meter (18/100)#4 Lee Myung-bak. Friday, December 19, 1941. … #5 Albert A. Michelson. … #6 Ricky Ponting. Thursday, December 19, 1974.

Does 365 billion have 7 birthdays?

Both. Birthday can refer to days to be born on (so technically 366) or days to celebrate birth.

SeptemberAccording to real birth data compiled from 20 years of American births, September is the most popular month to give birth to a child in America – and December, the most popular time to make one.