What Is A Synonym For Good Judgement?

How do you describe a Judgement?

an act or instance of judging.

the ability to judge, make a decision, or form an opinion objectively, authoritatively, and wisely, especially in matters affecting action; good sense; discretion: a man of sound judgment..

Is Judgement a skill?

They list “Judgment and Decision Making” as a skill, providing the importance and level for their inventory of occupations. … The type indicator suggests that people who tend to focus on making decisions have a preference for Judging.

What are 3 types of Judgement?

(1) Moral judgments about actions being right or wrong; (2) Moral judgments about people being good or bad; (3) Moral judgments about traits of character being good or bad, being virtues or vices.

What does God say about judging others?

‘” In Corinthians 4:4-5 the Bible says not to judge others because it is referring to motives. In 1 Corinthians 5:12-13, the Bible says to judge other Christians because it is referring to external sins. … When a Christian repents of their sin, even if they must repent often, we are not to judge them.

How do you describe someone with good Judgement?

People with good judgment use the information they have gathered to think things through. They do this both systematically and thoroughly. As a result, they have the capacity to answer each objection that arises. They respond with an impressive poise.

What are examples of Judgement?

Judgment definitions. The definition of judgment is an opinion, decision or a sentence given by a court of law. An example of judgment is a blonde woman automatically being treated as dumb. An example of judgment is someone being sentenced to two months in prison for a crime committed.

What is the difference between judging and criticizing?

The act of criticizing something requires the person in question to assess a judgement beforehand so they both go hand in hand. … Judging involves having an opinion on something, pointing it out to be either good or bad. Criticism, however, is expressing your opinion on something without pinpointing anything good or bad.

What’s another word for good Judgement?

What is another word for good judgment?acumenastutenessjudgementUKprudenceshrewdnessdiscernmentinsightcomprehensionperceptivenesssapience236 more rows

What is Judgemental behavior?

The judgmental person is one who enjoys making harsh judgments of others out of a sense of moral one-upmanship. … We should avoid jumping to the conclusion that someone who makes moral judgments with which we disagree is judgmental.

What does good Judgement mean?

Good judgement includes considering the consequences of one’s decisions, thinking before acting and speaking and having the tools to make good decisions in a variety of situations. …

What is the difference between judgment and Judgement?

the form judgement gained in frequency in British contexts, and is now the usual spelling in general British use, but judgment has remained the standard spelling in British legal contexts when used to refer to a judicial decision (see sense 8), as well as in U.S. usage.

What is a value Judgement examples?

Some statements cause us to make value judgments even though they do not contain value terms and are not value judgments themselves. For example: The prisoner risked his life to save that little boy. Grandma was so happy that you remembered her birthday.

Why do people judge others?

In most cases, we judge others in order to feel better about ourselves, because we are lacking self-acceptance and self-love. … If we could all learn to love ourselves, we would make our world a much more compassionate and much less judgmental place.

What is the biblical meaning of judgment?

The word “judge” – KRINOS means “to separate, to make a distinction between, to exercise judgement upon, to estimate, to assume a censorial power over, to call to account, to judge judiciously, to bring to trial, to be brought to account, to administer government over”

What is a Judgemental person called?

“I think that she is too judgmental to be a good therapist” Synonyms: faultfinding. tending to make moral judgments or judgments based on personal opinions. Antonyms: nonjudgmental. refraining from making judgments especially ones based on personal opinions or standards.