Quick Answer: Which Comedian Has Sold The Most Tickets?

Who is the richest comedian 2020?

Top 20 richest comedians in the world 2020RankComedianNet Worth1Jerry Seinfeld$950 million2Matt Groening$500 million3Trey Parker$500 million4Matt Stone$500 million16 more rows.

How much are tickets to Kevin Hart?

How much are Kevin Hart tickets? Kevin Hart tickets start at $132.00.

How many tickets did Kevin Hart sell?

Today Kevin Hart cemented his place among touring giants, announcing he has sold over one million tickets worldwide to The Kevin Hart Irresponsible Tour, making it the biggest comedy tour in the world for 2018.

How much did the Kings of Comedy tour gross?

“The Kings of Comedy Tour,” which began in 1998, went on to gross $18 million its first year and $19 million the next, making it the highest-grossing comedy tour in history, Harvey said.

Who is the richest celebrity?

Top 50 Richest Celebrities#1. MacKenzie Scott Net Worth. $61 Billion. … #2. George Lucas Net Worth. $8 Billion. … #3. Steven Spielberg Net Worth. $7 Billion. … #4. Oprah Winfrey Net Worth. $3.5 Billion. … #5. Kanye West Net Worth. $3.2 Billion. … #6. Jami Gertz Net Worth. $3 Billion. … #7. The Kardashian Family Net Worth. $2 Billion. … #8. Paul McCartney Net Worth. $1.2 Billion.More items…

Who is the number 1 comedian?

Kevin Hart Banks $59 Million to Become 2019’s Highest-Earning Stand-Up Comedian. This month Forbes shares its rankings for the highest-earning stand-up comedians for 2019. Kevin Hart raked in $59 million between June 1, 2018 and June 1, 2019 to secure the number one spot for the second time.

Who is the No 1 richest actor in the world?

Shah Rukh KhanShah Rukh Khan (net worth: $600 million) Widely regarded as the “The King of Bollywood” with over 80 films under his belt, Shah Rukh Khan from New Delhi is the richest actor in the world with an estimated net worth of $600 million.

Who is the funniest man alive?

The 25 Funniest People Of All TimeRobin Williams.Will Ferrell. Cindy Ord/Getty Images. … Bill Murray. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images. … Jim Carrey. Netflix/”Liar Liar” … Steve Martin. Getty. … Eddie Murphy. Kevin Winter/Getty Images. … George Carlin. Getty Images. … Richard Pryor. Getty Images.More items…•

Who is the most successful comedian?

Jerry SeinfeldJerry Seinfeld reigns supreme as the world’s highest-paid comedian.

Who is the richest black comedian?

What Is Kevin Hart’s Net Worth? Here’s How He Became the World’s Richest Comedian.

Where was irresponsible Kevin Hart filmed?

The tour began on September 9, 2017 in Macon, Georgia at Macon City Auditorium and concluded on January 13, 2019 in Pensacola, Florida at The Pensacola Bay Center compromising 119 shows. It was filmed by Leslie Small for the comedy special Kevin Hart: Irresponsible (2019).

Which comedian sold the most tickets?

Jeff DunhamThe most tickets sold for a stand-up comedy tour is 1,981,720 and was achieved by Jeff Dunham (USA) for his “Spark of Insanity” tour, which was performed in 386 venues worldwide from 13 September 2007 to 21 August 2010. Jeff Dunham is an American ventriloquist and stand-up comedian.

Who is the funniest man on the planet?

comedian Harith IskanderMalaysian stand-up comedian Harith Iskander has been crowned the “World’s Funniest Person” in 2016. The BBC’s Heather Chen spoke to the 50-year-old funny man by telephone after his win in Levi, Finland.

What is Kevin Hart’s net worth?

According to Wealthy Gorillas, Kevin Hart’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $200 million in 2020.