Quick Answer: What Does Close The Door Mean?

What does the phrase back door mean?

noun Also back door .

a secret, furtive, or illicit manner or means: The business has a backdoor through which the board of directors can access slush fund money..

What does Never darken my door again mean?

Come unwanted to someone’s home, as in I told him to get out and never darken my door again. The verb darken here refers to casting one’s shadow across the threshold, a word that occasionally was substituted for door.

What does the phrase slam the door in someone’s face mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishslam the door in somebody’s faceslam the door in somebody’s facea) to close a door hard when someone is trying to come in b) to rudely refuse to meet someone or talk to them → slam.

What’s the difference between shut and close?

The word shut is used to give the meaning of ‘fully close’. On the other hand, the word close gives the meaning of ‘enclose’ or ‘block’ or ‘cover’. This is the difference between the two words. The word close is primarily used in the sense ‘fitting tightly.

When you leave the door open?

To maintain or create the possibility of doing something or something happening in the future; to not prevent something from taking place at some point. We parted ways, but we left the door open for working together again sometime.

Will remain close or closed?

In this sentence, “will remain” is the only verb, and “closed” is not a past tense verb but a “past participle” form of the verb “close”, which acts as an adjective in this sentence.

Why do we say open and closed?

So open has had the adjectival meaning longer than it has been used as a verb. In the case of close, though it seems to come ultimately from a Latin adjective (past participle clausum), within English (and the French we got it from) it was primarily a verb, and so the derived closed came into use.

What is open and shut case?

open-and-shut case in Law topic From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English ˌopen-and-shut ˈcase noun [countable usually singular] a legal case or other matter that is easy to prove or decide because the facts are very clear.

What’s the difference between close and close?

For example: She stood close to the exit so that it would be easy to leave at the end of the concert. As a verb to close means to shut. For example: At the beginning of the performance the ushers close all the doors. Closed is an adjective that means not open.

Is it closed ones or close ones?

The word would be ‘close. … ‘Closed’ would be an adverb for that word. You may have ‘a closed circle of friends,’ meaning your circle allows no one else in. But for the meaning you wish, the adjective is ‘close.

What does close mean?

Verb. close, end, conclude, finish, complete, terminate mean to bring or come to a stopping point or limit. close usually implies that something has been in some way open as well as unfinished.

Do you say shut the door or close the door?

As a verb, to shut can usually be replaced by to close. You can shut a door / window / suitcase, or you can close a door / window /suitcase. The shops shut / close at 8 pm.

What does the phrase leave the door open mean?

Allow for further action or discussion. This metaphoric expression transfers the invitation implied by an open door to future events. … Also see open the door to.

What shut mean?

1 : to close itself or become closed flowers that shut at night. 2 : to cease or suspend an operation or activity —often used with down. shut. adjective.