Quick Answer: Can A Bluetooth Keyboard Be Paired With Two Devices?

Can Apple Bluetooth keyboard be paired to multiple devices?

No, the Magic Keyboard is really only to be used with one device at a time.

I have managed to set it up across native Bootcamp Windows and macOS without repairing on every reboot, but with other devices, one would have to re-pair on each device switch..

How do I connect a Bluetooth keyboard to two computers?

Turn off Bluetooth on the current computer you are using them with then turn on Bluetooth on the other. They will connect after a few seconds and you are ready to rock! As long as both computers are on the same network you may want to consider a software solution like teleport for the keyboard and mouse.

Can you connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse at the same time?

Im using one set of keyboard and mouse with usb bluetooth and normal usb set, and it works fine. There shouldn’t be interference between them. It should be same as connecting more joysticks to the laptop/PC.

What is multi device keyboard?

This wireless keyboard can be connected to your laptop, PC, tablet and smartphone through Bluetooth. You can connect three devices to this keyboard at the same time and can easily switch between devices with the help of the easy-switch dial.