Question: Who Said Romeo Thou Art A Villain?

Why does Mercutio say a plague o both houses?

As Mercutio is dying and being dragged into a house by Benvolio, he repetitively yells “a plague o’ both houses!”, signifying that the everlasting conflict between the houses is what killed him, not just Tybalt..

Who does Mercutio blame for death?

TybaltTybalt is to blame for Mercutio’s death, because Tybalt is the one who stabs him with his rapier: “Tybalt under Romeo’s arm thrusts Mercutio in and flies” (lines 89-90).

What makes Mercutio finally draw?

However, as Tybalt is Juliet’s cousin, and Romeo has just married Juliet, he does not want to fight. Nevertheless, Tybalt is short-tempered, and after exchanging offenses, he decides to draw his sword. This causes Mercutio to draw his, as he wants to defend Romeo. The two of them fight, with Mercutio losing his life.

Why does Tybalt call Romeo a villain?

During Act I of the play, Tybalt sees that Romeo has somehow managed to get into the Capulet party. … Romeo will eventually enter the scene, and Tybalt now has his chance for revenge. He starts with an insult. He calls Romeo a “villain,” and he is likely hoping to goad Romeo into a physical fight.

How does Romeo react to Tybalt’s insult thou art a villain?

How does Romeo react to Tybalt’s insult? He has to love Tybalt, because Tybalt is Juliet’s cousin, despite the fact that he called Romeo a villain. He says he isn’t one, goodbye, and Tybalt doesn’t know Romeo.

Why did Tybalt want to kill Romeo?

Tybalt wants to fight Romeo for his embarrassment of Romeo’s appearance at the Capulet’s masquerade party. Tybalt wants revenge because Romeo crashed the party. Tybalt has no idea about Romeo’s marriage to Juliet at this point. Romeo does not want to fight Tybalt since he is now his relative.

Is Mercutio in love with Romeo?

Mercutio and Love When Romeo complains about the heartache of his unrequited love for Rosaline, Mercutio tells him to get over it already: If love be rough with you, be rough with love. It’s not just “love” that Mercutio has a problem with. He’s also pretty hostile toward women and female sexuality in general.

Is Romeo a villain?

Many people call Romeo a villain, mostly relatives of Juliet, when he kills Tybalt. When she calls him a villain, it is usually in response to one of them. When Juliet first learns that Romeo killed Tybalt, she is shocked and hurt.

What does Tybalt call Romeo?

What does Tybalt call Romeo? Tybalt calls Romeo a villain and a dog. Why won’t Romeo fight Tybalt? Romeo will not fight Tybalt because he just became married to Tybalt’s cousin, Juliet.

Why did Romeo killed Paris?

As Romeo has been exiled from the city on penalty of death, Paris thinks that Romeo must hate the Capulets so much that he has returned to the tomb to do some dishonor to the corpse of either Tybalt or Juliet. … Romeo kills Paris. As he dies, Paris asks to be laid near Juliet in the tomb, and Romeo consents.

Did Romeo and Juliet sleep together?

Romeo and Juliet did sleep together after their secret marriage. This is made clear in act 3, scene 5, when they wake up in bed together at dawn. Juliet urges Romeo to leave before her relatives find him and kill him.

Who did Romeo kill?

TybaltRomeo, angered by Mercutio’s death, goes searching for Tybalt. They find each other and fight. The fight ends when Romeo kills Tybalt.

Is Mercutio a Montague?

Mercutio is neither a Montague nor a Couplet. Because he is a friend of Romeo, he stands on Montague’s side. In fact, Mercutio simply appears in four scenes in Romeo and Juliet; in other words, he is not the main character in the play.

What does Romeo Thou art a villain mean?

“Romeo, the love I bear thee can afford / No better term than this: thou art a villain.” … Explanation: Romeo is telling Tybalt that he loves him for reasons he cannot yet disclose, but that Tybalt has to be satisfied knowing Romeo loves him.

Does Benvolio die?

What has all this got to do with Benvolio? Because in the First Quarto (the ‘bad’ Quarto, the ‘eeevil’ Quarto) of Romeo & Juliet, printed by Thomas Crede for Cuthbert Burby in 1599, Benvolio dies.