Question: Which Is Better LOTR Or Harry Potter?

What came first Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter?

For the record, J.R.R.

Tolkien published “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” in 1954.

(“The Hobbit” was published several years earlier in 1937.) The first Harry Potter book, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” came out in 1997.


Is Gandalf a Dumbledore?

The 77-year-old English actor — known for playing Gandalf, another famous and bearded wizard from Lord of the Rings — said he was contacted by producers from Harry Potter to play Dumbledore, but turned down the part. His reason: Richard Harris, who played Dumbledore in the franchise before his death in 2002.

Which is better Harry Potter books or movies?

The books are better than the movies When you read the Harry Potter books, you can picture the characters looking and behaving in the exact way that makes the most sense to you. However, in the movies, the directors and actors force their interpretations onto you.

Has Lord of the Rings sold more than Harry Potter?

In terms of book sales, The Lord of the Rings wins comfortably with around 150 million copies sold, with the top selling HP book ‘Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone’ being 50 million behind at 100 million.

Who wins Merlin or Dumbledore?

If we’re talking Merlin from the TV series by the same name things are a little more comparable. And in that case Dumbledore gets my vote in a straight fight. Though in each world they both stand preeminent Dumbledore can do larger works without the need for long winded incantations or lots of preperations beforehand.

Is Hermione Voldemort’s daughter?

Description: Hermione — the daughter of Tom Riddle, later — Voldemort`s. The father taught his daughter to hate and taught to her evil magic, so he thinks that Hermione certainly will gets in Slytherin. … Hermione, under the Imperio, went to school on the Hogwarts-Express.

Is The Hobbit better than Harry Potter?

The Hobbit, I think, is better than Harry Potter, but I like Harry Potter a lot more. … I also think the story is easier to follow in the Harry Potter books, and the characters more relatable, but that is understandable since the first book is aimed more to a younger audience.

Who can beat Sauron?

Isildur and Anárion formed an alliance and defeated Sauron at Dagorlad. They invaded Mordor and laid siege to Barad-dûr for seven years. Sauron was killed by Gil-galad and Elendil, who perished in the act.

Why Lord of the Rings is better than Harry Potter?

The Lord of the Rings totally has deeper meaning than harry potter. The characters are very well developed in LOTR, and the main lesson from the movies is keep on trying no matter how hard or what gets in your way.

Who is better Dumbledore or Gandalf?

Gandalf is greater than Dumbledore although (or perhaps because) he had less power. He rallied all the free peoples of Middle-Earth to the cause, gave them heart, and sacrificed himself to save his friends and the quest in Moria. He worked tirelessly for centuries.

Who is the weakest wizard in Harry Potter?

The 10 strongest and 10 weakest wizards in Harry PotterWeak: Gilderoy Lockhart. … Weak: Stanley Shunpike. … Weak: Scabior. … Weak: Crabbe the Elder. … Weak: Rastaban Lestrange. … Weak: Travers. … Weak: Xenophilius Lovegood. … Weak: Quirinus Quirrell.More items…•

Is Lord of the Rings like Harry Potter?

Both Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings are giants of the fantasy genre — in fact, the Rowling narrative is rather similar to Tolkien’s imagination in quite a few ways.

Did Draco and Hermione actually kiss?

One day, Draco decides to erase Hermione’s memories. Of course, after that she starts to get closer to Ron and Draco has to endure it. … That’s a symbolic place for them cause that’s where they exchanged their first kiss, that’s why Hermione recovers her memories but it’s too late since she’s already with Ron.

How did Hermione die?

During the battle of the ministry of magic, Bellatrix kills Hermione.