Question: What Is The Difference Between Raft Slab And Waffle Slab?

What is slab and its types?

What is a Slab.

Slabs are constructed to provide flat surfaces, usually horizontal in building floors, roofs, bridges, and other types of structures.

The slab may be supported by walls or by reinforced concrete beams usually cast monolithically with the slab or by structural steel beams or by columns, or by the ground..

How long does a waffle slab take to dry?

approximately 7 daysDuring the slab construction process, the slab will take approximately 7 days to cure, so be patient – you are literally watching concrete dry during this week! Once the slab has had enough time to cure, the plumbing and drains will be connected onsite.

Why are waffle slabs used?

Waffle slabs are used for larger span slabs or floors and used when there is limited requirement for number of columns. The load carrying capacity of waffle slab is greater than the other types of slabs. They provide good structural stability along with aesthetic appearance.

How do you calculate waffle slab?

Divide the total area m^2 by 1.51 to get number of Waffle Pod require for the slab. … Multiply the number of pods by 2.3 then divide by 5.5 to calculate the number of Y bar in 6 meter lengths required. … Multiply total lineal mere of edge beam by (Normally) 150×150 2. … 85mm Thick slab: … 100mm Thick slab:

What does Foundation armor do in raft?

Used on any water-level structure, i.e. Foundations or Collection Nets, making them impervious to Shark attacks. Selecting it from the Hammer’s build menu allows it to be placed on any already-existing foundation piece. Armoring Foundations and Nets protects them from being attacked by the Shark.

What is waffle raft slab construction most suitable for?

Waffle raft slabs are a better way of building concrete slabs for new homes, extensions and commercial or industrial buildings.

How much does a waffle slab cost?

At about $50/m2, the average cost of concrete slabs in Western Australia is the most affordable across the country. This is followed by the average price in Queensland and Victoria which is $60/m2. Concreters in New South Wales charge the highest for concrete slabs. Their rate is around $85/m2 on average.

Why do they put foam under concrete?

Concrete contractors learned that a layer of poly helps to keep a slab dry, because it stops upward vapor diffusion from the soil. … The foam layer isolates the room-temperature slab from the cold soil under the slab.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pile foundation?

Main advantages of pile foundation are high load capacities and corrosion resistance. And there is a disadvantage of piles foundations also acids that can damage the concretes and may occur salt water reactions. If there is soil on it we cannot keep the building vaccinated on it, so the pile foundation is used.

How deep does a raft foundation need to be?

There are certain requirements that need to be considered during the of raft foundation in order to produce adequate design such as minimum depth of 50cm, required excavation depth of approximately 2.5m, and rebar cover of 50mm.

What are the advantages of raft foundation?

Raft foundations tend to be cheaper and quicker to use than traditional footings. There are a number of reasons why this is the case: The foundation and floor slab is combined, which saves time and materials. Less excavation is required.

Are waffle slabs any good?

A Place for Waffle Slabs Waffle slabs work well on almost flat sites, natural soils or controlled fill, that have good surface strength and where the natural ground surface falls away from the outsides of the building in all directions (ie when the building pad has been built up with solid, water-shedding dirt).

How thick is a waffle slab?

Waffle slab design Slab depth is typically 75 mm (3 in) to 130 mm (5 in) thick. As a rule of thumb, the depth should be ​1⁄24 of the span. The width of the ribs is typically 130 mm (5 in) to 150 mm (6 in), and ribs usually have steel rod reinforcements. The distance between ribs is typically 915 mm (3 ft).

Where is waffle slab used?

Waffle slab can be used as both ceiling and floor slab. They are used in the areas where less number of columns are provided, i.e. it is basically used in th areas which has huge spans. Waffle slab is not used in typical construction projects.

What is a waffle pod concrete slab?

SLABS. WHAT ARE WAFFLE PODS? This is where the concrete is sitting on (and around) a series of boxes (or Pods) set out in a grid pattern. Think of a waffle pod as a raft lying flat above your soil.

How is slab construction?

The concrete slab construction process includes the preparation of formwork, compaction of a slab bed, placement of reinforcement, pouring, compacting, finishing the concrete, removing formwork and curing the concrete slab.

What is suspended concrete slab?

Suspended slabs are slabs that are not in direct contact with the ground. They form roofs or floors above ground level. Suspended slabs are grouped into two types: two way slabs which are supported on all four sides. …

What is a raft slab?

A raft slab is reinforced concrete slab on ground that is strengthened with integral concrete beams in both directions. Usually, a raft slab is used as the foundation for new houses and extensions. … At Cornell Engineers, we call the strengthening beams strip footings (because they run in parallel strips).