Question: How Do You Politely Say Take Your Time?

How do you take your time?

Here’s 7 ways to help you take your time:1) It’s healthy.

Hurrying all the time creates stress.

2) Start earlier.

3) Meditate.

4) Reorganise your To-Do list.

5) Learn from nature.

6) Should your deadlines be guidelines.

7) Focus on the present moment..

Can I take some of your time?

“May I take some of your time” is a very polite and grammatically correct way to ask for someone’s time. You need to choose a different verb than “say,” however; we don’t “say a story.”

Is it rude to say take your time?

Everyone should try to keep their promises including being on time. … Saying “please take your time” is a polite way to do that because if they rush they to make an appointment they may put themselves in danger.

How do you say no need to hurry?

Synonyms(there’s) no hurry. phrase. … in your own (good) time. phrase. … whoa. interjection. … haste makes waste/more haste less speed. phrase. … what’s the hurry? phrase. … time is on your side. phrase. … give someone/something a chance. phrase. … in my/his/her etc hurry. phrase.More items…

Is at your earliest convenience rude?

At your earliest convenience Although there’s nothing wrong with this phrase, it might actually be too polite, or at least too open-ended. Although you could use softer, less jaron-laden language like “whenever you have time” or “as soon as you’re able”, once again, we prefer specificity.

Is no hurries correct?

If you say to someone ‘There’s no hurry’ or ‘I’m in no hurry’ you are telling them that there is no need for them to do something immediately. I’ll need to talk with you, but there’s no hurry. ‘I am in no particular hurry,’ he insisted. Drag the correct answer into the box.

What does it mean when someone says take your time?

said to mean that you can spend as much time as you need in doing something, or that you should slow down. C1 disapproving. to do something too slowly: The contractor is really taking their time.

Do not rush me meaning?

transitive to try to make someone hurry. Stop rushing me! rush someone into (doing) something: You can’t rush someone into marrying you.

What are synonyms for Rush?


What does no rush mean?

” No rush ” Meaning: Said to someone to indicate that you aren’t in a hurry for them to complete their task.

What does to rush mean?

“Rushing” is when students become acquainted with the different fraternities or sororities on campus, and the process can range from very formal and structured to informal and casual. Sorority rush tends to be more formal, with different themes and requirements for each day.

What can I say instead of take your time?

What is another word for take your time?lingerdallyidleprocrastinatestragglelallygaglolllollygagpausepoke177 more rows

How do you politely say no rush?

There is no hurry (or just no hurry) is a good colloquial expression that can also be used in a business setting: Pay me back whenever you can. There is no hurry.

Is it polite to say at your earliest convenience?

When you need something done right away but you have no authority to make it a command or, if you do, you are extremely polite, then you say ‘at your earliest convenience. … ‘ Or perhaps — ‘I need to see you at your earliest convenience.

When we use Take your time?

If you take your time doing something, you do it quite slowly and do not hurry. ‘Take your time,’ Cross told him.