Do Not Settle For Mediocrity Meaning?

Is mediocrity a bad thing?

Mediocrity is any point in time where you cannot attest to a thing or a person being either great, poor or average.

A mediocre is someone whom you cannot at any time speak of, as being great, poor or average.

He/She isn’t great, isn’t poor and isn’t average..

How do you not be an average person?

Being average is a choice. Unless you become consciously aware of what you are doing day-in, day-out, time will slip through your hands….Here are the six ways to avoid being an Average Joe:Think differently. … Act crazy. … Be proud. … Have hope even when there may seem no point. … Build people up. … Be you.

What is a mediocrity?

The noun mediocrity means the quality of being average or ordinary. You can’t be great at everything — in some areas, we all fall into mediocrity. Such of person of this middle-level of success can also be called a mediocrity. …

What causes mediocrity?

7 causes of mediocrity: Confusion regarding strengths on the team. Fear of failure. … Insecure team members. Over-commitment.

Why do we settle for mediocrity?

The reason most people get stuck in mediocrity is because they refuse to fail. The reason people refuse to fail is because they associate failure with defeat. Their fear of defeat paralyzes them to the point that they won’t move forward. People are not finished when they’re defeated; they’re finished when they quit.

What is another word for mediocrity?

Find another word for mediocre. In this page you can discover 48 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for mediocre, like: inferior, exceptional, superior, so-so, good, ordinary, standard, common, dull, fair and acceptable.

How do you know if you are settling for less in a relationship?

Are you settling with your relationship? Here’s how to know”He didn’t give me any emotional support” … “When I wasn’t telling my friends the full truth about the relationship” … “I wasn’t even getting the bare minimum” … “I was happier when I was alone” … “I didn’t see him in my future” … “I couldn’t count on him” … “I was doing all the work”

How do you deal with mediocrity?

Here are some steps to get pass this mediocrity:Do something spontaneous once in a while.Stop comparing yourself to other people.Do random acts of kindness everyday to strangers to make their day and in return make you happy as well.Strive for better.Interact with other humans.Have a purpose or hobby.Take risks.More items…

Is mediocrity a sin?

Mediocrity is necessarily a sin, saints. A sin. “So likewise ye, when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, We are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do.” Luke 17:10.

How do you not settle for mediocrity?

9 Habits of People Who Never Settle for MediocrityPack your schedule. … Do things no one else is willing to do. … Learn more than anyone else. … Read between 2 and 4 books a month. … Quit the TV and video game addiction. … Wake up earlier than everyone else. … Stop thinking of money as an evil thing. … Never surrender on the things you truly want.More items…•

What does it mean to never settle for less?

“Never settle for less.” means don’t let yourself take something worth less than something else, or yourself.

Is Mediocre an insult?

‘Mediocre’ is just a masked insult to try to get you to change in some way that he thinks will make you hotter to his own fantasies and fetishes, or acceptable in some way that frees him from dealing with his own ambivalence or emotional immaturity.

Why you should never settle for less in a relationship?

Perhaps one of the greatest dangers of settling in a relationship is the resentment that always results. When we don’t get what we need or want, it can lead to a number of emotions, least of which is not anger and dissappointment.

Why you should not settle for less?

By allowing yourself to settle for less than you desire, you are putting your life into your own hands, but rather than doing something that will impact you positively, you’re putting yourself in a negative place where you aren’t getting what you want or need.